The Emotional Experience

This is just a small excerpt from the story posted on Unity’s Made With Unity site. For the full article follow the link. A Stream of Emotions By having a prolonged closed beta, we were able to actively encourage our beta testers to stream or post their videos online through sites like Twitch and Youtube. Posting play through videos really caught on and we dedicated a forum strictly for posting […]


Online Coop in For The King

Very recently we opened the official ‘For The King’ Twitch Channel and starting this upcoming weekend we are going to begin streaming our own local coop games. We’ll explain how we play and shine some light on the subtleties we’ve noticed people wondering about. We’d like to encourage anyone playing the game currently that is involved in the Twitch community to stream their games! We will watch as many as […]


Closed Beta Update

V0.4 of the Closed Beta is now live on Steam and we’re really looking forward to hearing your feedback on this important update. There’s a bunch of new content and Act2 is fully unlocked. This update adds more audio, new enemies, new loot, tons of balancing and a whole bunch of new proficiency abilities. Some of our favorite new additions are the Gambling Den along with the expanded Rogue Isles, […]


For The King at PAX Prime

As many of you know, we showed off For The King at PAX in Seattle this past weekend and just wanted to share with you how it went. It commanded a lot of our time in the weeks leading up to the show and was super tiring during the event but well worth it! We were set up at the Indie MINIBOOTH which was located on the main floor. We […]


IronOak Games at E3

As some of you know, we were down at E3 this past week showing off FTK to the press. We got some great feedback seeing new people play for the first time and made some great contacts. We were also recently announced for Xbox One during their E3 presentation. We’re honored to have been included in their Indie Showreel and it was super cool to see For The King on […]


Pre-Alpha Update

Now that most of our core systems are in and functioning, we’ve been gathering feedback from new users in order to tune the user experience (UX) so that first time players are able to understand and enjoy the game. This includes all aspects of the game but is heavily related to the UI presentation. Little things like feedback, tooltips, labels, and bigger things like presentation, clarity, and efficiency are all […]


Fahrul’s Underworld

For The King features a vibrant overworld complete with it’s own weather, time of day and many interesting locations to discover. Some of these places found on the overworld are dark crypts, mines and ungodly caverns which represent dark passages into the underworld. The underworld is where the true challenges in FTK lie and it will separate the brave from the timid. These subterranean pits of despair feature only the […]


The Weather of Fahrul

Our mysterious world of Fahrul was designed to be a fascinating land shrouded in mystery, but to make it feel more believable we’ve gone through great lengths to establish a few realistic systems, one of which is dynamic weather. Having weather in game achieves a few important goals. First of all it is visually beautiful and adds dramatic atmosphere to our stylized art assets, both in the overworld and our […]