The Dev Team

Key members of IronOak Games

The team

Colby Young

Dungeon Master

Our game designer. Creator of the boardgame Black Gate, which formed the foundation of For The King. Responsible for the countless deaths of unsuspecting adventurers.

The team

David Lam

Code Alchemist

Our lead programmer. Over 18 +years experience, working on tiltles such as Ryse, Need For Speed, and Turok, as well as publishing several of his own mobile games. Responsible for things that go bump in the night.

The team

Gordon Moran

The Cartographer

Our art director. Over 9+ years in the gaming industry, working on such titles as Dead Rising 2, Sleeping Dogs, and ModNation Racers. Responsible for making beautiful and terrifying places to explore.

The team

Sean Hoyle

Lore Master

Our writer. Creates the history, backstories, lore, and characters. Responsible for the mysterious and twisted world, known as Fahrul.

Who are We?

IronOak Games was founded in 2014 by Colby, David, and Gordon, all seasoned vets of the gaming and film industry. Our first project is For The King, a roguelike fantasy RPG based of the Black Gate boardgame, designed and created by Colby. Our goal is to deliver the epicness of a traditional RPG, but distilled down into a short, replayable experience. We're heavily influenced by old school RPGs such as Ultima, Nethack, Wizardry, and Final Fantasy and will be bringing some of that classic flavor back but with a modern twist.