Patch Notes 3 v1.0.23

Patch Notes 03

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks decimating bugs, and taking no prisoners. In addition: we’ve made some balancing adjustments, and feature tweaks. While we know that it’s not a particularly New Content heavy update: we have made sure to prioritize stability, and fixes to the system. There will be times when this is needed instead of new content. We have to make sure that the foundation on which we implement new content, new game modes, and new features is structurally sound.

Also: Player three has entered the game. Please welcome me, Jay-Nic to IronOak! You may have seen me around the community forums, and Discord. I’ve been brought on to focus on QA, and Community support. Plus: I brought in Timbits once… so really, I’m already paying off.



  • 16:10 aspect ratio support
  • 5 New items added to Lore Store
  • Final Art for all Lore Store Items
  • 9 New weapons added as Standard Drops (3 Lutes, 2 Blades, 2 Blunt, 1 Polearm, 1 Bow)
  • Dungeon Chaos Generator now has a sound effect
  • Sound effects play when players are awarded extra movement
  • Sound ambience now plays on the boat when battling
  • The Auto Save options have been moved from the Save Options to Game Options
  • Saving/Exit and Autosave now works inside dungeons. To save in dungeon, go to Save Options screen while the “Ready” button is shown, between dungeon rooms
  • Wolves now ragdoll on death
  • 6 New Mini-Encounters Added
  • Art added to several existing Mini Encounters


  • Characters can now directly, and immediately use a party heal and/or a Tinder Pouch between Dungeon rooms.
  • Can no longer leave/flee dungeons (this is mitigated with the above balance change)
  • High Level Weapons do slightly less damage on average to account for end game buffs and players accumulate
  • Mummies now scale in difficulty (+30 HP, +5 Attack, Group Curse 100% to Curse)
  • Demon Boss +20 HP
  • Magic AOE Attacks -10% damage
  • Cloth Hats -1 evasion
  • Litteratus Shell +curse immunity
  • Fancy and Golden Ruffs less OP, more geared towards Bards now
  • Scary Ghost now Level 3
  • Cultist Boss (+2HP, +1 damage, -5 speed)
  • Subtle weapon balancing across the board
  • Lore Store Costs adjusted (higher end items more expensive)
  • Lower end gold drops/rewards increased
  • Lower end XP drops increased
  • Less chance of being ambushed by enemy
  • Lucky, Foul Priestess, Royal Droll, Hangman now all drop special hats on death, and they’re juicy!
  • Replaced Lose All XP with actual XP values for some mini encounters to make odds more favorable
  • Increased payout for several Mini Encounters

Bug Fixes

  • Gold and XP rewards for treasure chests properly level based on the current act
  • Hang when loading a save where the player is in a balloon
  • Incorrect spawning of a cursed hex on top of an enemy that did not despawn the enemy
  • Cursed/Poison hexes were not constructed in their original locations after the game had been saved, and resumed
  • Combat music not starting right away on Scourge Battles
  • Characters on the same Point of Interest hex would clip with each other when entering a battle encounter screen
  • Hexes on a remote client were not decaying properly
  • Camera incorrectly returned to the overworld if a character died in a dungeon and the rest of the characters would flee
  • Units who fled battle would still be hit by an AOE/splash attack
  • In the event that a client player was the first person to move when the game initially started: the host would no longer be able to load the game via Save/Exit and Resume
  • A Client connected unit would disappear on the Host machine after a mini-encounter and would not reappear until after he entered and left a town
  • In the right conditions: enemies would spawn on load of a game: thus doubling the number of enemies
  • Combat Hex display did not render on top of towns, or mini encounters
  • Fixed an exploit where characters could trade items (such as the lockpick) after the button had rendered to pick a lock, and before the player clicked the button. Thus resulting in picking the lock without consuming the item
  • The Taunt sound effects were not playing on cast
  • Hang when the first death of the party is to a Cultist
  • A single Lute failure would result in subsequent Lute attacks all playing the Failure sound effects regardless of their success
  • Sounds, effects, and animations now play when the enemy “Whiffs” on a player
  • Fixed Hood of Hidden Conflict Not Having correct stats
  • Wisp now fades on death
  • Triclops floating arrow fix
  • Evil Bard now plays proper animation on attack
  • Item Card image position on cards polished
  • Vignette screen effect now works as intended
  • Fixed single handed blade jerky animations
  • Fixed enemy shields clipping through body on defend animations
  • Easier to identify Elite Skill button


As always, we appreciate your continued support for the game. It’s so great to see so many people enjoying themselves, coming up with interesting tactics/strategies, and sharing all of this with the community.

On the note of sharing: I’d like to draw attention to the wiki. Lately there has been a big push to populate it will good data, and things are really coming along. If you’re able to help out: please be sure to stop by the wiki itself to check it out and the Discord server which has a channel for wiki specific updates.

Thanks again, guys



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