Patch Notes 1.1.01

Greetings Adventurers! JayNic here.

“Oh JayNic, what’s that all over your image…”

That’s our Localization, JoePlayer! It means we now fully support, and encourage our international players to party wipe gloriously in their mother tongue!

“Uhh ok.”

To select a language, just hit the globe in the main menu.


Also… not to brag or anything, but this could be a great tool for you to learn that other language you always wanted. Just sayin’


We’ve also added a shiny new interface for Battle Encounters to help make things clear.



  • Localization!
  • New Battle Encounter screen clarification


Bug fixes

  • A few minor graphical fixes
  • Fixed an issue where a sea cave would not pull in all party members


For the King!

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