IronOak Games at E3

As some of you know, we were down at E3 this past week showing off FTK to the press. We got some great feedback seeing new people play for the first time and made some great contacts. We were also recently announced for Xbox One during their E3 presentation. We’re honored to have been included in their Indie Showreel and it was super cool to see For The King on the big screen! As you probably surmised, this means we’re 100% coming to consoles but our first priority remains the PC. So what does this mean?

We’re 100% coming to consoles…

For starters, our release date for console will happen sometime after our launch on PC. How much longer afterwards is hard to gauge, most likely we’ll aim for 6 months. For anyone interested in playing the console versions, we’ll be sending you an additional key for either XboxOne or PS4 (pending release) on top of your original PC key. This way you don’t have to choose between PC and Console. Before we ship we’ll send out a survey to gather your preference. Woo hoo!

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