Gameplay Feature – Primordial Oak

Throughout the lands of Fahrul travelers may discover many fantastic things, but nothing is more fantastic than the sanctum of a god. The gods of Fahrul have been silent for many generations, their existence now even doubted by the world’s current inhabitants. Due to the events swirling throughout the kingdom and the mysterious activities of Mariglio Vexor, high mage to the King, reports have surfaced that the long silent deities are answering the prayers of the people after being idle for so long. The great sanctums of the gods are once again being unearthed and worshiped at during this time of need, but what exactly has caused their return?

There are numerous gods to devote one’s self to in this land, and each grants its own unique blessings to the chosen paragon. A blessing from a god will give the player an edge in some aspect of the game whether it be combat, survival or commerce.

A god may only have one paragon at a time, so no two players may be dedicated to the same deity at once. This can generate interesting decisions when trying to pair your character with an available sanctum that suits a strategy.

One player may covet a particular god above all others, or all players may want to find the same sanctum. For the King encourages teamwork, but it can become competitive depending on player personalities.

The god we are going to feature today is Mir’jaya, goddess of the woods. Mir’jaya can be found at the  Primordial Oak, her sanctum in the Burning Forest. Some say this ancient and magical tree is the oldest living thing in all of Fahrul. Mir’jaya strengthens the skin of her paragon like that of a wild animal which grants a bonus to their base defense, meaning extra physical damage per enemy attack will be absorbed. This can be a very beneficial perk to obtain, but certain character classes such as magic users typically find it most advantageous.


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