For The King at PAX Prime

As many of you know, we showed off For The King at PAX in Seattle this past weekend and just wanted to share with you how it went. It commanded a lot of our time in the weeks leading up to the show and was super tiring during the event but well worth it!

We were set up at the Indie MINIBOOTH which was located on the main floor. We basically had a single console and TV and not much space. However we still managed to get a constant stream of players playing both single player and 3P coop adventures. The response from the players as well as our neighboring developers was fantastic. Everyone seemed to be having a great time during their play throughs. In fact, we were surprised by the broad appeal of FTK. Husbands, wives, friends alike, they all got really into the strategy and adventure and picked up the mechanics almost instantly.

We had a demo challenge to get to the end of the Glittering Mines. Needless to say it was skewed quite hard. By the end of the first day, only 3 people had successfully completed the challenge. Players fared better after the second day with 7 more heroes joining the ranks. We gave out special Crown pins to all the winners. It was a blast watching all the runs, unsuccessful or not.

Some of the pins we were handing out at PAX
Some of the pins we were handing out at PAX

Lots of great takeaways from the weekend, including the realization that the UX stills needs a bunch of polish even though it’s miles ahead of where it was even a month prior. We also want to send a special shout out to Occulus for sending us home with a bunch of cool tech! For The King in VR? We’re super intrigued by the idea, but won’t even give it any thought until MUCH later.

While we were in Seattle we got the go-ahead from Steam to upload our game! So that’s what we’ve been doing the past few days. It’s already up and working on Steam as I write this, and there are just a few minor fixes to implement before we send out the beta keys! We’re aiming for end of next week so keep a lookout for an email from BackerKit. Also, our website store is back online for any Super Slacker Backers wanting to get in on the beta. So if you know of anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter, let them know it’s not too late!

A special thanks to everyone who came and visited us. Getting to meet some of you in person was super cool. I gotta say, we have an awesome little community here. You have been so supportive of us throughout this entire endeavor an we really appreciate it. Especially considering how toxic some game communities can be, it blows our minds how friendly and positive everyone of you we’ve interacted with have been. THANK YOU!

One last thing of note. We realize how quite the Website Forums have been but expect them to heat up after we enter the Closed Beta. That’s where we’ll be heading to read your comments and feedback. In fact, that’s the only place anyone should be posting about Beta specific stuff. In part for convenience but also to keep our discussions relatively private. We cannot wait to hear from you. We’re almost there!


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