Closed Beta Update

V0.4 of the Closed Beta is now live on Steam and we’re really looking forward to hearing your feedback on this important update. There’s a bunch of new content and Act2 is fully unlocked. This update adds more audio, new enemies, new loot, tons of balancing and a whole bunch of new proficiency abilities. Some of our favorite new additions are the Gambling Den along with the expanded Rogue Isles, and the Goblin Merchant. Check out the Beta Forums for a complete list of build notes.

We’re also lifting the NDA so feel free to post or stream images and video from the game.

There have been a bunch of great playthrough videos created by several backers and we’d love to start sharing those with everyone. Let us know when you post/stream and we’ll make sure to tune in.

This will be the biggest update to the game yet by far! We ended up spending longer on this build than we initially anticipated but we got on a roll and were able to check off numerous boxes from our development schedule. We are now in prime position for the final push to early access! Thanks so much for the patience.

Inhabitants of the Rogue Isles
Inhabitants of the Rogue Isles

This upcoming build will feature a fully operational Act II which brings with it so much new content, new objectives and new locales to explore including the cave, crypt, island, cellar and King’s Maze each with their own unique atmosphere. With new realms to explore we have also reintroduced the mystical Alluring Pools which allow for ease of travel to past explored lands. These were put on the shelf until now to help keep Act I a focused experience.

We’ve added a bunch of combat mechanics such as taunting, party buffs and debuffs. These both add a very noticeable element to the game and can make for some intense strategy. Not only can you buff your fellow players but the enemies are equipped with the same skill sets making for some dynamic battles.

One of our favorite additions is the Goblin Merchant who can be encountered in most dungeons. He is a sight for sore eyes for an unprepared adventurer although his prices are not for those light on gold. He is a shrewd businessman and adjusts his prices accordingly.

Friend or foe?
Friend or foe?

During the campaign we fell short on the Backers Select stretch goal but out of necessity we ended up developing the tropical realm and pirates regardless. We decided it fills a fundamental need in the game which is great news for gameplay. Furthermore we have a whole new lineup of enemies to fight including imp wizards, evil bards, bog flies, desert raiders, skelly brutes and many new variations of enemies you are already familiar with.

On the tech side, Save Game has been stabilized and proven to be very dependable so we are comfortable introducing it into v0.4. With Act II gameplay time has been extended substantially so this will give players respite from their conquests if so desired.

We have also incorporated many of the Kickstarter backer designed items which add a lot of fun flavor to the game so keep your eyes peeled for your items! The Night Market is a great place to find these along with other rare trinkets.

Look forward to an EA release of For The King in Q1 of 2017.

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