The Blacksmith – Final Chapter

Krensh woke up cold and embarrassed. The bandits considered him so little of a threat his hands and feet had been left unbound as they confined him to a hide tent, the flap secured with nothing more than a lazy knot. And truly, he felt little will to attempt an escape from their camp. The watch changed as dawn broke, and the bandits began stirring awake for the day. Eventually […]


The Farmer – Final Chapter

In the few hours since the militia had formed, a circular ditch had been dug through the crops around Dreker’s farmhouse and then filled with sharp wooden stakes. Godsbeard grew in tall leafy stalks, so the ditch would be well hidden until the beastmen were right on top of it. They hoped most would fall in to be killed or maimed before they could reach the farm. It depended on how stupid they turned out to be.


The Priest – Final Chapter

After Warden Fraybee expelled the heretic from her home, he had gone straight to the tavern and spewed his lies there. By Fraybee’s count eight villagers had left town with him to join a cult worshipping Mariglio Vexor as a god. Vexor was a heroic mage and a great friend of King Bronner. Surely the heretic was worshipping Vexor without his knowledge. He wouldn’t be so foolish to pretend to godhood.


The Hunter – Final Chapter

Khell watched her brother crouch down to poke through the pile of bones and armor on the forest floor. “So you say this thing mutilated your kill, then chased you? And then you beat it down with your mallet.”

“I don’t just say it, Sajin. That’s what happened.”

“Easy Khell, I believe you,” Sajin said. “It’s just really strange. I need a moment to swallow it.”

Khell crossed her arms and glared as Sajin used his knife to lift the skeleton’s gore-strewn spear and examined it.


The Blacksmith – Chapter 1

Krensh threw another ruined knife blade on the scrap heap and let his hammer and tongs fall to the ground. He hadn’t been sleeping, and his work was suffering. He rubbed his eyes, shook his head, drank some water. He considered melting another ingot and trying again, but decided not to waste his time. A cup of ale or two might steady his nerves. Hell, three or four might help him get some sleep.