IronOak Games

Old school gaming with modern sensibilities

IronOak Games is an independent video game developer based in Vancouver, BC.  Founded by industry veterans with multiple shipped titles under our belt, our goal is to revive classic gameplay mechanics with modern designs and features. We're currently hard at work on our first title, a rogue-like multi-player RPG with some unique persistent elements. Keep coming back for more information and details!


We're a small team, focused on making fun games. Free from the bloat and bureaucracy of larger dev teams, we can be nimble and adapt quickly.


We're independent and willing to take risks that larger companies can't. Free from the shackles of a producer or outside investor, we're free to make the games we want to make, with no restrictions.


We grew up with the hardest of the hard games. There's something rewarding about overcoming a seemingly unsurmountable challenge, and we are always up for a good challenge. Victory is so much sweeter when death lingers in the air and threats lurk around every corner.

Old School

The classics are classics for a reason. We grew up with them, and our goal is to recreate the vibe of classic games but with an updated and streamlined user experience.